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Your Premier Commercial Property Management Company in Cleveland, Ohio

Local Commercial Property Management is Cleveland’s premier full-service management company focused on ensuring your commercial property exceeds all of your expectations. Take your commercial property investment to the next level and achieve the bottom line you deserve with our selection of affordable management services.

Regardless of property type, size or class, Local Commercial Property Management understands your business. Whether your property encompasses retail and shopping centers, industrial buildings, office space, or storage facilities, we have the expertise needed to keep your buildings at highest occupancy and maximize your return on investment.

Comprehensive Property Management Services

Rest assured that your building, your finances and your tenants are all in good hands. Working with Local Commercial Property Management helps to free up your time—while giving you the peace of mind in knowing that your investment is receiving the attention it needs to grow.
Our comprehensive property management services include:

Financial Services

Finances can be overwhelming for even the most business-savvy of individuals. We are highly skilled in all financial services areas including accounting, bookkeeping, and more. Our team assumes responsibility for rent collections, issues and records utility payments, and creates income and expense statements. When you have a specific project that needs to be completed, Local Commercial Property Management solicits quotes, reviews them with you, and helps you decide which third-party vendor is best to complete the job. Save yourself time and money—and boost your investment—by taking full advantage of our highly-skilled financial service offerings.

Lease Management

Reliable and credible tenants are key for any thriving commercial property. We provide personalized attention to each of your tenants, working one-on-one with them to closely manage contracts and lease obligations and ensuring the day-to-day execution of all tasks related to your lease portfolio. Local Commercial Property Management excels at fostering long-term relationships and optimizing tenant satisfaction, which is crucial for maximizing your occupancy and ensuring a higher return on investment.

Site Management

Cleanliness reveals a lot about the overall business; and the safety of your tenants and their customers is critical to your success. Our team ensures regular maintenance of all inside and outside common space, property signage, and other areas requiring everyday upkeep. From lining trash cans and replacing light bulbs to sweeping and plowing parking lots, we find the best third-party vendors to get the work done while maximizing your dollar. Local Commercial Property Management assures first-class services for a clean, safe, and reliable property.

We Are Your
Local Commercial
Property Manager

Local Commercial Property Management is uniquely familiar with the neighborhood your commercial property is located in, as well as the surrounding Northeast Ohio areas. We understand the needs of your community, the desires of your clientele, and how to maintain tenants and services that provide much needed value and opportunity.

From conducting drive-bys to check that your walkways are salted on a snowy day to understanding which seasonal foliage is the right fit for Cleveland, “Local” is not just in our name—it is who we are. We want you to succeed because we live here, too.

Local Commercial Property Management is ready to help you achieve your financial goals for your commercial properties. Find out more about our reliable and affordable commercial property management services.

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